Every Sabbath morning after services, the Congregation Shaarey Zedek prepares a small Kiddush in the social hall.  There are very few Kiddushim that are sponsored and we rarely celebrate the special occasions of our membership.  This is your opportunity to celebrate a special occasion with your Synagogue.

Please join the Kiddush Club by sponsoring at least one Kiddush throughout the year.  Every Sabbath we will announce the weekly sponsor(s) along with the special occasion(s) they are celebrating.  All of the sponsorship funds will go towards the purchase of food and drink.

We encourage all members and friends of the Shaarey Zedek to participate and we thank you in advance for your generous contribution.  For more information call us at 519-252-1594.

YES, I/We would like to join the Kiddush Club for only $100.00

Our contact information is:


Address: _________________________________
Phone: _________________________________

I/We would like to sponsor a Kiddush on the following Sabbath:

Date (mm/dd/yy): __________________________________

The special occasion is: __________________________________


Please mail this form to the Synagogue and make all cheques for $100.00** payable to the “Congregation Shaarey Zedek”.  If there is more than one sponsor for a Sabbath, then some of the money will be used to purchase food for another week that has not been sponsored.  This strategy will help reduce the cost of food and drink for the Synagogue and will ensure that the right amount of food is purchased each week.


**The price of $100.00 will purchase a basic Kiddush package including wine, soda and a combination of snacks which may include cake, cookies, pretzels and fruit.  For an upgraded Kiddush package please call the Synagogue for pricing.