An idea to increase donations

Did you know that this website gets hundreds of visitors each week - often more than one hundred in a single day!  While many come from regions outside ours, a surprising number come from our own community.

I'd like to explore the possibility of allowing a limited number of tastefully designed and board-approved banner or text ads to appear on this website, in exchange for charitable donations to our shul.  The ads would appear on the right side of the screen, prominently placed near the top of the column so advertisers would get their message delivered.  To facilitate this process, I'm in the process of creating a new form (which will be accessible from a yet-to-be added menu item) to solicit ad submissions.

The rabbi and board of directors of the synagogue have already expressed interest in this idea, but I'd like to hear from you as well.  Please answer the poll question to provide your opinion.

Thank you in advance for your participation.


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Kiddush Club

Wanted: Kiddush Club sponsors

If you are celebrating a special occasion (birthday, anniversary, yahrzeit) and want to share it with the community, why not consider sponsoring a Kiddush Club Event?

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Use the Kiddush Club Request Form (see menu) to publicize your upcoming simcha or yahrzeit by sponsoring a Shabbat kiddush.

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