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I lost the email that contained my private access code

We can send you another private access code. Click here and fill out a form to prove your identity and a new email will be sent.  Please make sure your email program will receive mail sent from validate @ shaareyzedekwindsor.com
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I forgot my password

When you first choose a password, it is encrypted before it is stored in our database.  Simply put, if you lost your password, we can't get it back for you either.  What we can do is reset your password to a new one chosen at random.  If you still have the email we sent when you became a subscriber, click the link in that email.  It will take you to the login page.  Once there, you can click on a link for us to reset your password.  If you don't have that email, click here to be sent a new email.  Please make sure your email program will receive mail sent from validate @ shaareyzedekwindsor.com.  Once you receive that email, click on the enclosed link to reach the login page.  From there, you can request a new password.
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How do I change my password

This section assumes you know your current password.  If that's not the case, read the section "I forgot my password".  If you feel your password has been compromised or you just want to change it to something more easily remembered, there is a link on the Prayer Request page where you can change your password and update your other personal information.  You'll need to login first using your current password before gaining access to the Prayer Request page.
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I didn't receive my confirmation email

If you didn't receive your email, check to see if it's in your "junk" folder.  Registration requests must be confirmed within 48 hours, so if it's been longer than that, you'll need to register again.  If it's been less than 48 hours since you registered, click here and fill out a form to prove your identity.  Once you've done that, a new email will be sent.  Please make sure your email program will receive mail sent from validate @ shaareyzedekwindsor.com
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What steps do you take to ensure my privacy

The only personal information we request from you is your name, address and email address.  No financial information is ever requested, and therefore none is ever stored.  You are assigned a very complex personal key that must be used in conjunction with your own secret password to access the system.  The database administrators are able to see the personal key, which is how we identify you in the database; however the password cannot be seen by anyone, even the programmers who wrote the program.  Each time you use the system, you send us the personal key via your email link, and then have to enter your secret password.  The system is only unlocked when BOTH pieces of information are present.  Each time you log on, a "session" is begun, which times out in 10 minutes.  That means that even if you used a computer in a public area, and didn't delete your saved pages before leaving, the information on that computer would become outdated within 10 minutes of when you first logged on.  Finally, unlike many similar offerings from other synagogues, there is no human intervention anywhere along the process (except when you ask for assistance).  So, no-one knows who you are, when you're online, or which people you have specifically asked us to pray for.  The program takes care of everything automatically.
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How can I log in using just my email address and password

While we prefer that you login using the access code we provided with your confirmation email and weekly reminders, we understand there may be times when it is more convenient to use only your email address and password to gain entry.  For this reason, we provide an alternate login here.
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What if I don't know the Hebrew names of the person and his/her mother

The short answer is: it doesn't really matter.  Unless the person you are praying for is a close friend or relative, chances are you won't know that person's mother's name.  And because this service isn't limited to Jewish people, it's very likely that many people you wish to pray for won't even have Hebrew names.  That being said, if you do have the Hebrew name for your Jewish friends or family, and if you have the person's mother's Hebrew name as well, the prayers will be technically more correct.  For people who don't have Hebrew names, or don't have Hebrew names you are familiar with, we're just as happy to call them by their English names.  That goes for the mother as well.  And if you don't know the mother's name, we'll simply use the name "Sara", who is considered the mother of all Jewish people.
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