Announcing - Brand New Classes!

All members of Shaarey Zedek and the community of Windsor are invited to a Shiur-Class every Saturday afternoon at 6:00PM.  The class will discuss interesting and inspirational thoughts on the week's Torah Portion with an interesting twist.  No prior knowledge or affiliation necessary.   The Class will be followed by Mincha, the afternoon Service; and Shalah Shudos, the third meal of Shabbat, filled with popular traditional Jewish songs and food.  The only Shabbat afternoon service in Windsor.  The Class will be given by the Rabbi.


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Kiddush Club

Wanted: Kiddush Club sponsors

If you are celebrating a special occasion (birthday, anniversary, yahrzeit) and want to share it with the community, why not consider sponsoring a Kiddush Club Event?

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Upcoming Events

Use the Kiddush Club Request Form (see menu) to publicize your upcoming simcha or yahrzeit by sponsoring a Shabbat kiddush.

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