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The end of an era

I created this website because, as a member of the congregation, I was unhappy there was no central source of information for the congregants.  Over time, I became more involved, and for a time, even served on the Board.

Unfortunately, the shul I love is no longer a shul.  Time has ravaged the heart of our congregation, with the vast majority of lifetime members either having passed away, or moved on.  The building has been out of use for several years, and now, with COVID-19 affecting how people congregate and worship, our small rented space in the larger Shaar Hashomayim synagogue has been deemed too small to maintain social distancing.

As long as I am able, I will keep this site alive as a historical tribute to better days.  And for those who wish to be educated and entertained, there is a vast store house of past interviews with the rabbi and Jewish Humour that will remain online.

I personally have moved on and joined the Shaar Hashomayim.  As I did for the Shaarey Zedek, I am in the process of creating a website for my new shul.

Hopefully, most of you will follow me in supporting the new website.



Jack Eisenberg, webmaster


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