Laugh a little

What saychel! And in someone so young!

From the mouths of babes - three stories featuring young Benjy!


A mother's vanity

One morning, young Benjy is watching, fascinated, as his mother smooths some Nivea cream on her face.  "Why are you doing that, mummy?" he asks.

"To make myself beautiful, that’s why," replies his mother, who then begins removing the cream with a tissue.

"What's the matter mummy?" asks Benjy, "are you giving up?"


Meeting the teacher

Later that morning, young Benjy goes to school.  Today, there’s a new teacher arriving.  When class begins, the new teacher decides to make use of her degree in psychology.  So she starts her class by saying, "Will everyone who thinks they're stupid, please stand up!"

After thirty seconds, Benjy gets to his feet.  The teacher looks at him and says, "So you think you're stupid, do you?"

"No teacher," replies Benjy, "I didn’t want to see you standing there all by yourself!"


A lesson in law enforcement

In the afternoon, Benjy’s class is taken on a school trip to visit their local police station.  When they arrive, young Benjy sees a photo of a man pinned on a notice board.  "Why have you put this man’s photo on the board?" Benjy asks one of the policemen.

"Because he’s a criminal and we’re trying to find him," replies the policeman.

"So why didn't you grab hold of him when you took his picture?" asks Benjy.

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