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Rabbi's Message

Rabbi Galperin became the rabbi at Congregation Shaarey Zedek in June, 2009.  He brings to our synagogue the youthful vigour and passionate beliefs of the Chabad movement.  Rabbi Galperin is available to officiate at weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, funerals and other life events.

A Message from Purim

Looking on from the vantage view of the future, the story of Purim is totally illogical.  The Jewish people had been stripped of their Golden Era, the only thing that kept them going was the prophecy that in 70 years the Holy Temple would be rebuilt.  The 70 year period concluded (erroneously miscalculated) and nothing happened - except for a decree sanctioned by the king for the annihilation of the entire Jewish people.  Logically this decree should have been the final straw which should have resulted in mass conversions, an en masse abandonment of Judaism and Torah.  But that didn't happen.  No Jew considered such an option.
Haman wasn't a fool.  He had studied historical patterns, and he knew of the fate that had befallen the nations who had started up with the Jews.  It made sense: logically.  But he was determined to transcend logic, thereupon transcending G-d, who is above logic.  He drew a lottery, a totally random medium whose illogical nature should have drawn transcendent energies which would facilitate the illogical extermination of the Jews.
Haman's plan should have succeeded. But that was not the case. Instead the transcendent and essential Divine powers which Haman unleashed had the opposite effect; they brought about the tremendous Purim miracle. Why? Because the relationship between the Creator and His beloved nation was never predicated on logic -- and thus circumventing logic doesn't circumvent the relationship. The connection is part of His very essence.
On Purim, we let loose a little.  The Talmud tells us that we should drink to the point that we know not the difference between 'blessed is Mordechai' and 'cursed is Haman'. Mordechai represents holiness, Torah, Mitzvot, and our undying connection to G-d. Haman represents all the forces in the world that wish to disturb this connection. Even though this seems to be a logical fact, it isn't.  Because the message of Purim is this: Mordechai is blessed and Haman is cursed -- not because we "know" it and it is logical, but because this is part of the fabric of our being.

Wishing you a Happy Purim!

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