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Laugh a little

The Tailor

Yossi goes to a tailor to try on a new custom-made suit. The first thing he notices is that the arms are too long.

"No problem," says the tailor.  "Just bend them at the elbow and hold them out in front of you.  See, now it's fine."

"But the collar is up around my ears!"

"It's nothing.  Just hunch your back up a little . . . no, a little more.   . . . that's it."

"But I'm stepping on my cuffs!"  Yossi cries in desperation.

"Nu, bend your knees a little to take up the slack.  There you go.  Look in the mirror -- the suit fits perfectly."

So, twisted like a pretzel, Yossi lurches out onto the street.  Janine and Suzy see him go by.

"Oh, look," says Janine, "that poor man!"

"Yes," says Suzy, "but what a beautiful suit!"

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Date: Jul 25 '20
Sponsor: Regina Novak
In loving memory of my friend Harold Israel Eisenberg (AH)

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