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Friday night services will be held at the home of the Rabbi.  The address is 1506 Victoria Avenue.  Enter via the door nearest the driveway.

Laugh a little

We all receive jokes by email, but I've found a very large collection of Jewish jokes at a website called  That website's creator, David Minkoff, has given permission for jokes on his website to be reproduced here.

Unless otherwise stated, all content shown here is:
From  Copyright © 2001-2017 David Minkoff

The eye of the beholder

Mrs Stein, a rich tourist, goes to Paris to visit the art galleries.  She decides to hire the services of a guide to show her around the Louvre.

"Oh!" said Mrs Stein looking at a painting, "That's a Monet isn't it?"

"No Madame, almost, it's a Manet." replied the guide.

"And that one, it's a Pissaro?"

"Er... no I'm sorry Madame, that's a Monet."

"Oh, I see. Now that one I’m sure of - that's a Picasso isn’t it?"

".... no Madame, that's a mirror."

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