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This week's parsha

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The power of recognition is a fascinating feature of our minds.  What gives us the ability to recognize another person?  Or the street on which we used to live?  What about recognizing when someone is telling the truth?  "I just knew she was being truthful.  It was obvious."

One of our great problems in life is the fact that we often do not recognize the world around us for what it really is.  For many reasons we allow ourselves to be deceived; in fact, it might be incredibly difficult to see things in a clear way.  Then, sometimes, we suddenly recognize the truth.  Immediately everything looks different.

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Miriam's Courage

At the conclusion of the parshah of Behaalotecha we read how when Miriam had to live outside of Israel's desert encampment for seven days, "...the people did not journey till Miriam was brought in again" (Numbers 12:15).

Two million people, with all their leaders, their prophets, judges, elders and sages delayed their scheduled journeying to wait for one individual!  For they remembered; they remembered how she had waited at the banks of the Nile to guard her baby brother Moses floating in the reed box in the river; they remembered how Miriam, a little girl, had molded Israel's destiny and changed the course of history...

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Hearing Voices

The Torah tells us that when Moses went into the Tent of Meeting to speak with G-d, he would hear a voice addressing him from above the cover that was on top of the Ark.

G-d's voice could not be heard outside the Tent.  The same tremendous voice that spoke at Sinai stopped short at the door of the Tent and did not travel further.  At Sinai and in the Tent, G-d's voice was stopped.  At Sinai, after the revelation, a shofar, horn, was sounded signaling the departure of G-d's presence and voice -- a time-based limitation.  In the Tent, this cessation was space-related, the voice reaching a certain point and not going any further.

Much as we might want it to be otherwise, G-d's voice cannot resound everywhere and at all times.  If it did, we would not have freedom of choice.  A world where G-d's voice is constantly heard does not challenge us.  It was G-d's desire to create a world where we uncover G-d's concealed voice through our own efforts.  Our task is to take what we heard at Sinai and in the Tent - each of us has heard G-d's voice in some place and at some moment, however fleeting - and carry it over to all times and all places, wherever we may be.

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