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We all receive jokes by email, but I've found a very large collection of Jewish jokes at a website called  That website's creator, David Minkoff, has given permission for jokes on his website to be reproduced here.

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Living in the Past

Morris and Ruth have just celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary.  That night, as they are getting ready for bed, Morris looks carefully at Ruth.

What are you staring at?" Ruth asks.

"Darling," he replies, "I’ve been thinking.  When we got married 25 years ago, we lived in a small apartment, we drove a cheap Ford car, we watched TV on a small 15inch black and white television and we couldn’t afford a proper bed so we had to make do with a sofa bed.  However, despite all of that, I was proud to be sleeping with a sizzling 25 year old blonde.  Now, however, we have a large house in Hampstead, we drive a Lexus, we have a 62 inch Sony LCD television set with Sky digital and we have a king-sized water bed.  But here’s my problem - I'm now sleeping with a 50 year old woman.  You’re obviously not holding up your side of things and I don’t know what to do."

Ruth, being a very reasonable and sensible lady, says to Morris, "I’ve got a solution to your problem, Morris.  Go out and find a sizzling 25 year old blonde.  When you find one, I’ll make sure that you’ll once again be living in a small apartment, driving a cheap Ford, sleeping on a sofa bed, and watching a 15 inch black and white television set."

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