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This week's parsha

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The Phenomenon of the "Half"

This week's Torah reading deals with the command to every Jew to contribute half a shekel towards the building of the Mishkan -- the sanctuary in the desert.

Our Sages tell us that when Moses received the Divine command to levy a tax of a half-shekel on each adult male, he was puzzled; the half-shekel was to be an atonement for the sin of worshipping the Golden Calf.  "How can the mere giving of a coin be an atonement for a sin?" thought Moses.

A question at once arises:  A number of laws concerning sacrifices and offerings to be brought by the individual as atonement for his sins had already been taught by G-d to Moses.  Yet Moses had never previously wondered how a mere offering could provide forgiveness for a sin.  Why, then, was Moses suddenly perplexed when told of the half-shekel tax?

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A Call to the Priest

In the Parsha of Tetzaveh we read how the Priests ("Kohanim") were consecrated to serve in the Sanctuary.  The Priests were selected by G-d to fill a sacred position, requiring them to be on a higher level of holiness than the rest of the people.  But over and above them, there was to be the High Priest ("Kohen Gadol") who occupied a position of even greater sanctity.

With regard to the High Priest's needs, the Torah specifically commands his brother priests to support and elevate him.  This is somewhat surprising; it would seem that the Torah should exhort all Israel, the plain person as well as the kohen, to lend their support to the High Priest.  But here a strange phenomenon becomes evident:  When it comes to helping the High Priest, the righteous, you would think that our religious functionaries, etc., would be the first to lend their assistance.  If anyone would need persuasion -- it would surely be the plain folk.

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The Temple at Home

The Jewish home is called "a small sanctuary".  It has the quality of the Temple, a dwelling for G-d.  This week's Torah reading describes the Sanctuary which Moses and the Jewish people were going to build.  They constructed it before leaving the Sinai region and carried it with them throughout the forty years in the desert.  Then they brought it into the Land of Israel.  It was later replaced by the Temple built in Jerusalem.

In the command to build the Sanctuary, G-d tells Moses "They shall make for Me a Sanctuary, and I will dwell in them."

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In our thoughts

Condolences to the families of Jack Eisenberg, Miriam Finkelstein and Linda Za'arur over the loss of their mother Rachel (AH).  Grave site funeral service to be held December 10th at 1:00PM at the Shaar Hashomayim Cemetery.


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