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This week's parsha

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Brotherly Love

This week's Torah portion tells us to "Love your fellow as yourself."

The Talmud relates the story of the budding convert who came to the venerable sage, Hillel, and asked him to teach him the whole Torah whilst standing on one foot.  Hillel replied:  "What is hateful to you, do not do to your fellow.  This is the whole Torah--the rest is commentary..."

Rabbi Akiva considered love for one's fellow "a vital principle of the Torah."

Why did Hillel place so much emphasis on this particular precept?  We can understand how it underlies those commandments which apply between our fellow man; but how does it impact on those commandments which apply between mankind and G-d?  How is brotherly love related to keeping the Sabbath, or Kosher?

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Words Are Real

This week's Parshah discusses the avoidance of slander or gossip, Loshan Hora.  It may sound blatantly obvious that a community will function better without gossip, slander and telling tales.  Why did the Torah need to tell us?  Yet like so many other things, if we take an honest look around us, we do need to be reminded about these values.

I was once at a synagogue where the rabbi got up and said that his dream was to create a community where nobody spoke slander or gossip, nobody spoke badly of anyone else.  At the time it sounded rather simplistic and naïve, but on reflection it is a profound notion –- so many other problems which stem from malicious gossip, rumors, slander etc. can be avoided by cutting out the slander or gossip.

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In our journey through life we have many different kinds of experience.  Some are happy and boisterous; some are more somber; some are just dogged day-to-day getting through what has to be done; some are serene and moving; some are inspiring.

According to Jewish teaching, through all this, at every step of our lives, we have an important relationship with the Infinite, with G-d the Creator and Inner Life of the Universe.  Much of the time we may be completely unaware of this relationship.  The joys or the worldly desperations of the moment hide it from us.  At other times, there may be some kind of hint of recognition.

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